A Step-by-Step Guide for Opening A Total by Verizon Store with AntGen

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Do you want to know the process? Keep reading. Here, you will find the steps you need to follow to launch your own Total by Verizon store for offering prepaid wireless solutions. After reading this, you’ll find the perfect solution for your technical prepaid wireless problem.

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So, keep reading, & discover every crucial step you need to take to open a Total by Verizon store.

What is Total by Verizon?

Total By Verizon is Verizon's brand newly launched in specific markets across America. Verizon is the largest mobile service provider in the USA. A Total by Verizon stands as a revolutionary no-contract wireless service, leveraging the expansive reach of Verizon's network. This cutting-edge service encompasses monthly plans that provide unlimited nationwide talk and text and offer the flexibility of Unlimited data plans. Delving deeper into its features, Total by Verizon caters to a global audience by allowing the incorporation of international long-distance (ILD) calling into any service plan. This can be seamlessly achieved by acquiring the $10 Global Calling card, expanding the horizons of connectivity for users with a penchant for international communication.

7 Steps to Follow: Opening Total by Verizon Store with AntGen

The process of launching a Total by Verizon store is not as simple as toasting bread in a toaster. It's a complex journey where some of the top master agents like AntGen can make the venture seamless. The steps mentioned below are not just a checklist; they are the keys to unlocking a new level of achievement in the world of Total by Verizon. Here they are:

Step 1: Pre-Approval

The first step to opening a Total by Verizon store involves pre-approval. This means you need to give AntGen (the best master agent in the USA) the address of where you want to open your Total By Verizon store. We'll send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and the dealer should be able to show 100K in the bank. Also, they need to submit a background check. This is to ensure everything is safe and legal. It takes about 3 to 4 business days for us to approve the address and check your background. Undoubtedly, it is vital!

Note: This process is your starting point, your foundation for a successful store launch.

Step 2: Completing Paperwork

After the approval of the location, we move to Step 2 - Completing the paperwork.

The dealer will have time to finish all the necessary paperwork with LOI. The dealer also needs to sign an agreement with AntGen, which is like a promise to follow AntGen's rules & policy. This agreement is sent directly to Verizon by AntGen. But remember, it's important to read everything carefully and ask questions if you're unsure!

Step 3: Dealer/Partner Survey

A proper survey comes into focus in the 3rd step of launching Total by Verizon stores. Verizon representatives visit to check the dimensions of the location. They want to make sure everything is just right before they start building. Then, Verizon will create the architectural plan after the proper investigation. And Verizon will send the design blueprint to you, the dealer, for approval.

Step 4: HQ Brand Architect

Here, the floor plan comes into the picture. The dealer has a total of 10 days to approve the floor plan. You can also suggest some changes as you want. At this time, the dealer needs to submit the lease. This step is all about getting everything in order before your store opens.

Step 5: Fixture Vendor

In Step 5 of opening a Total by Verizon store with AntGen, it's time to work with a Fixture Vendor. Verizon will deliver all the furniture needed for your store & set up everything in the store for you. Verizon experts will take care of all the important details to make your store look nice and ready for customers. It's like they decorate your store to make it more welcoming and comfortable. So, when your customers come in, they feel happy and excited to purchase. This 5th step is important because it ensures your TBV store looks great and works well for you and your customers.

After completing this 5th step, 70% of the work is done!

Isn’t it surprising?
Obviously YES.

Step 6: Final Approval

In final approval, the dealer will receive a special welcome letter about all the equipment being placed correctly, & the whole setup is done. It's like getting the green light to open the doors and welcome customers. This step is exciting because it means everything is ready for business, and the store is officially approved to open. All because of these simple steps, cultivating a partnership with the AntGen master agent will be a better deal. With AntGen, dealers get proper support, & a proper guide that is crucial for your Total By Verizon store's success. Our expertise can make your work more straightforward and streamlined. It's like having a partner who understands your aspirations, works in sync with your goals, and helps launch your dream store in a way that will surprise and delight you.

Step 7: Retail Ready Execution

At this time, the Total by Verizon store is ready.

Now the fun part begins… dealers need to create a buzz around their Total by Verizon store. To make this happen, developing a well-thought-out marketing strategy that covers all the bases is crucial. Think about multiple methods to generate eagerness and awareness, using both online platforms and traditional ways to reach the audience you want to connect with.

You can organize an opening event to make a mark in the physical world.

This won't be your ordinary opening – it will spark curiosity and excitement, driving people to eagerly discover more about your business. This, in turn, translates into increased profits and a growing customer base.

The goal is to introduce your store to the community. Picture it as your store's big debut, where you want people to walk away not just knowing about your store but remembering it with a smile.

AntGen Master Agent: Transforming Complexity into Simplicity!

Finding the right master agent for opening a Total by Verizon store can be a challenging task, but fear not – AntGen is your answer! Almost there are 13 master agents in the USA, but the exceptional service offered by AntGen stands apart. We proudly represent your Authorized Total by Verizon Master Agent – embodying 100% trust, reliability, and friendliness. AntGen is a pro that can turn your dream into a reality. If you want to know more about our services in detail, don't hesitate to reach out.

Contact Us today, and our dedicated support team will love to answer all your queries, guiding you toward a future of unprecedented success.

Your dream Total by Verizon Store journey begins with AntGen – let's make it extraordinary together.

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